Climate Data Analysis Tutorial


This is a list of video tutorials for people who want to learn about common analysis techniques used in climate dynamics studies. The tools used are: MATLAB, CDO, SHELL scripts, ncview. Most analyses are performed using MATLAB while CDO is used mostly to prepare(pre-processing) the data, which often come split in several files and/or with other unwanted variables/fields/levels


 The Cliamte Data Operator (CDO)

[1] Brief introduction: the CDO “logic” Mov_icon 

[2] The CDO reference card

[3] Computing climatologies and other basic statistics 

[4] Cut regions and select specific variables for certain levels and time steps 

[5] Remapping: change the grid of your data Mov_icon                                                                                    This tutorial uses this files:  

[6] Use shell scripts to perform several analyses on multiple files at once Mov_icon            

 This tutorial uses these netcdf files:              And this shell script:


 Analyze climate data using CDO and MATLAB

[1] Get your data (Hopefully in NETCDF) 

[2] Pre-processingyour data using CDO 

[3] Import your data in MATLAB and organize them in structures arrays 

[4] Plot lines on the x-y plane 

[5] Make a lon-lat maps (Use Climat) 

[4] Compute regression and correlation maps (Use Climat) 

[5] Perform composite analysis (Use Climat) 

[6] Compute power spectrum (Use Climat) 

        favicon-pdf  Notes.pdf           matlabicon PowerSpectrum_fit.m           logomatrixmatlab_2 data.mat


[7] Assess the statistical significance of the power spectrum (Use Climat)  

[8] Perform EOF analysis (Use Climat) 

[9] Perform MCA (SVD) analysis (Use Climat)